As of April 2018

Basically, all terms of use in connection with the privacy policy for the Austria Forum to understand. Each user is responsible for the posts he has created. Explicit advertising is not allowed in the Austria-Forum, neither in contributions nor in comments, nor through images, etc. The responsible persons reserve the right, if necessary, to modify or delete contributions without giving reasons or to block participants. Anyone who makes an entry available to the Austria Forum must possess the necessary copyrights or exploitation rights. Works that are suspected of infringing copyrights or exploitation rights can be deleted by the Austria Forum without any further formalities. Contributions may not be copied or distributed without permission from the author or the Austria Forum. Exceptions are copies for private purposes or for groups in public training institutions. This provision is independent of whether the article contains an explicit copyright notice or not. Exceptions are only contributions that clearly indicate By using the Austria-Forum, users automatically declare that they strictly adhere to these rules. Links to any contributions are permitted. If parts of contributions are quoted, the exact source (URL) must be given. For legal reasons, log files are logged over all processes. The users are called to create all contributions to the best of their knowledge and belief. Content that violates the good customs or civil or criminally relevant facts realize are deleted and may result in the exclusion of the author in question. Slander or verbal abuse of persons is not permitted. Neither the Austria Forum nor its users claim to be complete, up to date, quality and correctness. Therefore, no responsibility can be accepted for damages resulting from the reliance on the contents of this website or its use. The assertion of any claims arising from such title is excluded.


The possibility to make further Internet offers accessible by clickable links (hyperlinks) is one of the great advantages of the Internet. It is also being used in full in the Austria Forum. However, the publishers of the Austria Forum expressly emphasize that they have no influence on the design and content of the linked external sites. Therefore, they expressly disclaim any responsibility for compliance with legal regulations and Internet rules by the operators of linked external sites, including all subpages. This declaration applies to all links in the Austria-Forum and to all contents of the pages to which links or other references lead. Note to rights holders The Austria Forum expressly points out its intention not to use material that is subject to copyrights or exploitation rights of third parties. However, with the very large number of publications available online and offline today, it can not be ruled out that users will nevertheless bring in material that violates existing protective rights. Not always this fact is easy and quick to recognize. If the corresponding copyright infringement is displayed or noticeable to the Austria-Forum, the material in question is immediately removed from the server. The rights of use of databases created for the Austria-Forum become the property of the Austria-Forum. They may therefore only be deleted with the consent of the main publisher, or the rights of use may not be withdrawn.


In order to cover the cost price at least partially, the operators reserve the right to accept advertising. However, advertising offered to the Austria Forum must be factual and be unobtrusively linked to the page design.

final provisions

The above Terms of Use of the Austria Forum are from time to time adapted to the respective new circumstances.